We take a look at more 1920s Ouija board stories, including more tales of Ouijamania.

Highlights include:
• The ghost of Marie Antoinette
• A supposedly Ouija-crazed cop who hijacked a car at gunpoint and proceeded to disrobe
• A doomed treasure hunter
• Queerness in 1920s San Francisco
• The ghosts who haunted European aristocrats
• Hyperinflation in Weimar Germany

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Sources consulted in researching 1920s Ouija Board Stories

For additional sources used for this episode, check out 1920s Ouijamania (Ouija Boards Part 7)

Historical articles and advertisements RE: 1920s Ouija Board Stories

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  • Buluwayo Chronicle (published as The Bulawayo Chronicle Weekly Edition.) October 23, 1920.

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